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Sheriff's Officer

Sheriff's Officer

Sheriff's Officer


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About Sheriff's Officers Sheriff's Officer

  • Sheriff’s Officers play an important role in the justice system. Sheriff’s Officers contribute to a fairer justice system and a safer Victoria.
  • Sheriff’s Officers enforce warrants issued by the courts and apply sanctions. This often means applying wheel clamps or seizing assets and in some cases, someone’s house. Sheriff’s Officers predominately work outdoors and in varying weather conditions.
  • The enforcement of warrants requires our Officers to follow process. Sheriff’s Officer work has to be accurate and court defensible.
  • Sheriff’s Officers work with stakeholders such as Victoria Police and VicRoads.
  • Sheriff's Officers work Monday to Friday and occasional weekends.

Sheriff's Officer Skills

  • Sheriff’s Officers uphold the Department of Justice  values, have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Sheriff’s Officers are adaptable and can deal with challenging situations.
  • Sheriff’s Officers demonstrate sound problem solving skills.
  • Sheriff’s Officers need to be resilient and be capable to be able to manage conflict and de-escalate situations.
  • Sheriff’s Officers work with technology and need to report on their actions in the field. Therefore, articulate written communication skills are important.
  • Sheriff’s Officers exercise tact, discretion and sound judgment when enforcing warrants. The ability to take into account cultural and religious diversity, plays a large part in Sheriff’s Officer’s work.

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