EEO & Harassment Policy

HOBAN Recruitment is committed to the principle of Equal Employment Opportunity, and encourages all applicants to enjoy fair access to employment opportunities. All employment related decisions are based on merit and are not influenced by factors that are irrelevant to the person’s ability to fulfil inherent job requirements.

We also aim to provide an environment in which people can work without the distress or interference caused by harassment. Harassment is any uninvited, unwelcome and offensive behaviour which involves verbal, written, visual or physical affront against another person.

Harassment can involve unwelcome and offensive behaviour that relates to a persons gender, racial or ethnic background, religion, political affiliation, sexual preference or personal attributes, colour, physical features, industrial activity, pregnancy, status as a parent or carer, or personal association with a person with any of the above attributes.

In all situations it is stated policy that any harassment is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in any circumstances.

Any employee who believes they have been harassed should, when possible, tell the harasser that their behaviour is offensive and that it should stop. If the offensive behaviour does not stop, the employee who believes they are being harassed is encouraged to make a complaint on an informal basis. All complaints will be acted upon and will be treated seriously, impartially and sympathetically.

HOBAN will take reasonable steps to protect people who responsibly exercise their rights under the policy against victimisation.

In any cases where harassment has been sustained, appropriate action will be taken. Such action may include counselling or in more serious cases, discipline up to or including dismissal.

Those in authority who knowingly tolerate are also guilty of misconduct and will be held liable for the harassment occurring.

It is our expectation that all times, your behaviour reflects the spirit of this legislation. If you experience discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace, you should first make it clear that such behaviour is offensive to you. If it continues, please contact your HOBAN Recruitment consultant immediately.

Contact Officer

Should you wish to discuss any of the above, please contact our EEO and Harassment Officer Pauline Dunbar:

Pauline Dunbar
EEO and Harassment Officer