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Five Tips to Help You Achieve Minimalism

The past few years have given rise to the practice of compulsive online shopping. Many of our homes are now filled with a range of items purchased from a place of boredom. One counter to a lifestyle of excess is minimalism.

“A minimalist intentionally focuses on what really matters”

Minimalism is a movement gaining popularity aimed at de-cluttering our homes and lives from a lot of the junk we are left with. Today, I’ll share some tips to achieve minimalism in your life, and help you gain order, simplicity and harmony!

Keep only the essentials

It’s important to keep only the items that are truly essential and meaningful to you. Weigh up if the item in question is bringing value to your life. If you’re still having trouble deciding, try this checklist of questions:

  1. Do I need it?
  2. Do I use it?
  3. What would I use if I didn’t have it?
  4. Why do I have it?

Focus on one room at a time

Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. When the task seems too overwhelming, it’s important to remind yourself to just focus on a room at a time – not the entire house!

Begin with the simplest room, getting this small task done will give you the motivation and inspiration to move forward. For more help, try the app clutterfree, it’s a simple tool to track your progress and create a de-cluttering plan.

Invest in reusable products

As you continue the process of decluttering your home, consider which products you are using could be replaced with a reusable version. Purchase a quality water bottle, utilise rechargeable batteries, bring your own reusable takeaway coffee cup to your local café. You’ll be helping make the earth a little cleaner!

Digitise movies, books and music

Consider going digital with your collection. Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video and other streaming platforms allow you to watch TV and movies online, rather than holding on to that archaic DVD collection. Kindles, eReaders and Audiobooks allow you to take books on the go while freeing up space in your home. Spotify or Apple Music will help you to ditch the CD collection and digitize your music. All of these can help to reduce unnecessary clutter in your home!

Shop quality, not quantity

To avoid the cycle, it’s key to consider your shopping habits. Minimalism does not mean you never go shopping, it simply means you are intentional with your purchases. Whether it’s a new pair of shoes or a gym bag, invest in quality pieces that will last years.

This will help you to cut down on waste and cost at the same time. Keep in mind, one garbage truck of textiles is thrown away every second.

If these tips have encouraged you to begin (or continue) your journey with minimalism, let us know how it’s going! We’d love to hear your story.

Sam Ford-Bennetts

Content and Accounts Coordinator

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