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Case Study: Top Performer in Contactless Volume Recruitment Campaign

Our client’s challenge

A leading Government regulatory agency needed to recruit a large pool of candidates across Australia. Compliance with Government requirements was of the utmost importance due to the sensitivity of the work being performed.

HOBAN was engaged to provide a multi-phased solution. The first phase consisted of detailed analysis of the role requirements. The second phase was to utilise the results of phase one to design and develop an end to end recruitment methodology that included a suite of online evaluations, video assessments, assessment centre and probity checking. The third and final phase was the delivery of the approved methodology to facilitate the assessment centres on a national scale.

The timing of this campaign coincided with the advent of COVID-19 in Australia. This provided HOBAN the additional challenge of delivering the services in a safe contactless manner, without compromising on quality or candidate experience.

HOBAN’s solution

Phase One: Needs Analysis

  • Facilitate detailed requirements gathering workshops with key stakeholders
  • Create a proposal for the high-level delivery of the optimum recruitment solution to screen and shortlist large numbers of applications to recruit several hundred personnel in very tight timeframes

Phase Two: Detailed Solution Design

  • Led by HOBAN’s Organisational Psychologist, create a functional specification of the recruitment stages incorporating a capability-based recruitment framework, matrix design and Assessment Centre components
  • Create bespoke assets to facilitate each stage in the recruitment process within the required timelines, including various shortlisting activities, panel interviews, , assessor briefings, candidate assessment frameworks and more
  • Map timelines to manage a high volume of applications at each recruitment step

Phase Three: Facilitation and Delivery of Solution

  • Manage the administration, candidate support and reporting for circa  4,500 candidates completing online assessments
  • Assess over 1,200 candidates through assessment centres nationally in just five weeks
  • Manage candidate data from each assessment centre, including the digitising and uploading of information to the online system for secure storage and reporting
  • Provide an expansive talent pool and comprehensive reporting for each Australian state


Over 750 qualified, tested, validated and work-ready candidates were successfully recruited to an overall talent pool. Excellent feedback from client stakeholders and candidates across Australia, noting their high levels of satisfaction with their ability to demonstrate their abilities in the virtual assessment centre.

Client Feedback

“The current COVID-19 environment has proven quite challenging across many areas of our operations. I would like to acknowledge the outstanding work undertaken by HOBAN in moving to a virtual assessment centre within such a short period of time. I personally had quite a few reservations as I have been a part of several Assessment Centres and was uncertain how the removal of face-to-face may impact the overall process.

HOBAN have demonstrated their professionalism throughout the entirety of the process which was evident in the information they provided in their training sessions. 

The exceptional standard of the HOBAN representatives continued with the support and encouragement they provided to the candidates. This placed the candidates at ease to assist in drawing out their best performance during the role play and behavioural interview.”

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