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Staying Healthy During Ramadan

Ramadan starts today, so we caught up with Clicks IT Recruitment Practice Manager, Fatema, to discuss the 30 days of fasting ahead and some of the best ways to keep healthy throughout this challenging period. Can you let us know a bit about your history with Ramadan? Being born into a Muslim family, I have…

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How to Hire Quickly in a Competitive Market

It’s great to see the employment market is recovering in 2021. If your business needs to increase its headcount in a candidate-tight market, you may end up finding it more challenging than usual. That’s why we’ve put together some tips to help you move quickly so you don’t miss out on securing your candidate of…

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How to Write a Great Position Description to Attract Great Talent

In the same way that employers gain insights about job seekers through CVs, job seekers gather information about prospective employers through position descriptions (PDs). As job advertisements increase for the eighth consecutive month since December last year, it will become progressively more difficult to secure top talent. If you plan to hire this year, take…

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Inspiring Wellness Podcasts to Help You to Thrive

Wellness is the practice of healthy habits that allow us to thrive. Wellness covers physical, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, and even career health. If your habits need a reboot, check out these podcasts! You’re sure to find some great inspiration to help you thrive. Sleep Sleep With Me is a podcast designed to put you…

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How HOBAN’S Clients Use Candidate Assessments When Hiring…and How You Can Too!

HOBAN utilises assessments as part of our end-to-end recruitment service or to supplement our clients hiring efforts with online tests or bespoke assessments. There are many benefits to using assessments when hiring. Assessments help us make better hiring decisions by providing objective data points and additional insights. The experience is quick and easy for candidates…

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Sugar Free Easter?

Here’s how Summer usually flies by. Firstly, it’s Christmas and subsequent days feasting on leftover cold meat (and cold beers). Then through a blur of carbs, sun and sleep in’s, I somehow manage to make some promises to myself in the form of a New Year’s resolution. In the short time it takes me to…

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How To Recover From Injury

It’s easy to feel low when you’re stuck at home nursing an injury. But that’s the last thing you want to be doing! Apart from impacting your health and well-being, a low mood will slow down your recovery. The temptation to lie around and watch Netflix is real. But it’s important to understand the importance…

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The Benefits of Using Candidate Assessments When Hiring

Assessments help us make better hiring decisions. They are inexpensive for clients and quick for candidates to complete. Using assessments saves time by ensuring the right person is hired.

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High Turnover and Poor Candidate Performance Crippling the Warehouse Operations

The Challenges Historically, this warehouse had been experiencing significant candidate performance issues, poor reliability and high turnover. Candidates were disengaged, and it was clear the negative workplace culture was impacting the warehouse operation and employee output. Furthermore, the agencies being utilised were inconsistent with onsite visibility and account management, and slow response times for filling…

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