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Healthcare Recruitment Success: Disability Support Services Case Study

A leading disability support services provider faced significant challenges securing and retaining qualified healthcare staff, seriously impacting service delivery and operational costs. The provider came to HOBAN Recruitment with their difficulties in maintaining legislated staffing ratios, including for Registered Nurses (RN), Assistants in Nursing (AIN), and Disability Support Workers (DSO).

The organisation faced critical issues, struggling to secure permanent staff, and grappling with increased operational costs and challenges associated with agency labour.

Key Challenges Faced by the Organisation:

  • Attracting and retaining sufficient staffing levels of the quality required to perform the roles effectively.
  • Filling staffing gaps with agency labour, causing operational costs.
  • Maintaining legislated and mandated ratios in line with the National Standards that apply to disability services.
  • Management of the cost of delivery of services in lieu of the increased labour expenses.

Recruitment Goal:

100 Full-time Employees (FTE), and given many roles are part-time, 160 hires were forecasted.

They approached the market to find a recruitment provider who could manage the recruitment process for qualified new hires in the following roles:

  • Registered Nurses (RN).
  • Assistants in Nursing (AIN).
  • Disability Support Worker (DSO).

HOBAN was appointed as the successful recruitment partner based on:

  • Our demonstrated expertise in mobilising recruitment campaigns, for critical roles quickly and effectively.
  • HOBAN’s ability to leverage our organisational local and international recruitment networks.

Activities Conducted:

  • HOBAN designed and deployed a tailored attraction campaign to profile available opportunities.
  • Leveraged our extensive candidate and contact networks, as well as our database of over 600,000 candidates.
  • Targeted social media campaigns, utilising Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • “Taking the message to the people” via in-person information sessions with the opportunity to ask questions.
  • A bespoke recruitment process was delivered utilising face-to-face and virtual platforms and varied for each role’s requirements.

Outcomes Delivered:

  • Over 2000 applications received.
  • 163 candidates were placed in 6 months to meet the target of 100 FTE.
  • HOBAN presented innovations, including workforce optimisation strategies to improve candidate attraction and employee retention moving forward.
  • Collaboration in a global recruitment drive, leveraging our overseas network to source international candidates.
  • HOBAN is continuing to partner with the organisation for ongoing recruitment needs.

This is a testament to HOBAN’s ability to deliver transformative results through innovative recruitment solutions. We are proud to continue supporting our partner in their ongoing healthcare recruitment journey, ensuring sustained success in attracting and retaining top-tier talent.

If you would like to work alongside the experts in attraction, selection and coordination of healthcare professionals, please get in touch today.

Please visit https://www.hoban.com.au/healthcare/ for more details.

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