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Celebrating Four Years of Wellness

Time flies when you’re having fun. This week we celebrate our fourth year since launching our ‘Wellness Matters’ program. We’ve really enjoyed coming up with creative ways to get fit and healthy – and sharing those ideas with you. We’ve hit an exciting milestone in our fourth year and have delivered over 200 health and…

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Postural Importance: Ask an Expert – Soft Tissue Therapist

Last year we spoke to Antony Choice, Director and Soft Tissue Therapist at Myogen, about the why, what and how of maintaining your posture and addressing that pesky back pain. We hope that you find the article useful as we continue to work between our homes and the office. Why is posture important? Well, as…

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Morning Rituals

Have you noticed your morning routine slipping away recently? While I am definitely not a morning person, I do normally take pride in being productive and organised. Maybe it’s the winter weather but I find the snooze button is getting a lot more action lately! And when that happens, usually I find that I end…

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Coffee, Coffee, Coffee…How Much is, Too Much?

Like many people, coffee holds a special and essential place in my morning routine. The winter sun rises slower than I do each morning, and a nice warm cup of coffee is the perfect bribe to get me out of bed. While two cups per day will usually be enough for me, working from home…

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Bedtime Rituals

Arianna Huffington has been named in Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People and the Forbes Most Powerful Women list. Known as the founder of The Huffington Post, Arianna is also the founder and CEO of Thrive Global, and author of The Sleep Revolution. Arianna’s believes the secret to succeeding is to get more sleep. As…

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One Hundred Temporary Workers to Start Tomorrow, Please!

The challenge: HOBAN was contacted late afternoon by a Department requiring 100 temporary staff for the following day. The roles were newly created, and involved face to face customer service work as part of a high profile, time critical project.  Turnaround time and the ability to mobilise quality people quickly was essential. HOBAN’s solution: Given…

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A Call Centre Facing Dwindling Application Numbers and Poor Staff Retention.

The challenge Applicant numbers were declining for this specialist Government services call centre. The Department was also challenged with the regular attrition of new recruits prior to the completion of their training period. These factors resulted in the call centre constantly operating below its required staffing levels.  This led to increased costs of overtime and…

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Things You Can Do to Build Resilience

To say 2020 has been a year of unexpected change would be an understatement. Collectively, we’ve experienced changes to our daily way of life, the way we interact with others, and how we work. For some, the isolation of working from home and living alone has been hardest. Others have lost their job and the…

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4 Tips to Recover Well After Exercise

If you’re still moving about and staying active under restrictions, you’ll also have to make sure you’re giving yourself time to recover after exercising. These four simple tips are also important for our friends down in Victoria for staying well during lockdown. Having a good understanding and approach to recovery will help to keep you…

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