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Important Questions to Ask Employers in an Interview

To identify if the workplace you are interviewing for will be the right for you, it is essential to ask hirers key questions. Often you will only have 30-60 minutes to decide if this will be the right job for you.

At the end of any interview, you will have the chance to ask your own questions, this very important opportunity should not be wasted. It also shows that you are interested in the business and what it can offer you as a new employee.

You want to find out if the organisation has the same values as you, views on work-life balance, and importantly if the day-to-day reality of the role will be something you will satisfy you.

Some examples of great questions to ask include.

Can you please take me through a day in this role?

This will give you an indication of what the everyday tasks will be. Will you be comfortable doing this day-in, day out? Common responses like, “no two days are the same”, can be countered with – “What will be the key tasks I will be spending the majority of my time working on?”

What are the things you like most about working here?

You will be hoping for some definitive, confident answers that work with your working style.

What will be some of the more challenging parts of the role?

This is good to know, especially if the problems they may be facing are within your skillset.

How would you describe the organisational culture of this organisation?

This will give you an understanding of what the workplace has to offer regarding its ethos.

What accomplishments do you foresee in the first 90 days of starting this job?

This is a great test to see if the employer has realistic expectations of what can be accomplished. Also, importantly if you have the skillset to achieve these goals.

What are the timings and next steps in the process?

Always nice to know when you will hear back, especially if you are are looking at other roles.

How has this position become available?

Find out if this is due to growth or for other reasons. This can give a good insight into the business, their needs and how you could contribute to their growth.

What can you tell me about the team I’ll be working with?

It is important to understand the team’s competencies and how you will fit into their skillset.

Do you see any holes in my resume or experience that would hamper me from being offered this role?

This is a great way to be able to discuss any negative thoughts that employers may have and how you could overcome any perceived shortcomings.

Bonus questions and tips

What else can you find out about this organisation, apart from just the surface level of looking at their website?

Do they have whitepapers, trade articles, or other information on the company that has aroused your interest?

Another tip is to look at your interviewer’s profile on LinkedIn so you can get an idea of their experience. What elements of their profile or experience cross over with yours, or may be of interest? It also can give you an idea of their tenure in the organisation. Keep in mind, that they may be able to view how many times you have looked at their profile page, so ensure you only look once to not come off as too desperate. 

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