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How to write a Position Description.

HOBAN understands the importance of a well-crafted position description in the recruitment process. It is a fundamental tool for attracting the right candidates and setting everyone up for success. In this blog post, we will walk you through the essential steps to create an outstanding position description and person specification to help find the perfect fit for your organisation.  

Ensure there is clear expectations to work towards and knowing what they need achieve.

1. Understand the Role

Before you start writing the position description, you must deeply understand the role you’re trying to fill. Organisations need to finalise the position description prior to starting the hiring process. Whether it’s a standard contact centre operator or a more complex hybrid marketing, social media, content, and digital professional, clearly defining the specific tasks, objectives, skills required, and salary and benefits offered will set your recruitment journey on the right foot. 

2. Differentiate between Position Description and Candidate Profile

A position description outlines the role’s key responsibilities, duties, and objectives, along with the salary and benefits on offer and reporting lines. On the other hand, a person’s specification is a profile of the skills, experience, qualifications, and behaviours required to perform the job. Both documents are crucial in helping candidates and recruiters understand what is necessary for success in the role. 

3. Writing a Position Description

  • Company Description: Start with a concise description of your business, including the services or products you provide, your industry, and your organisation’s culture and values. Highlight your office environment and the team the candidate would work alongside. 
  • Overview of the job: Provide a quick elevator pitch for the role, outlining specific duties, tasks, and critical objectives. Mention the size and location of the team, reporting lines, and any large or critical projects the candidate will be involved in.
  • Salary and Benefits: Include the salary range and a detailed description of the benefits offered. Highlight any on-the-job skills development, training opportunities, flexible work arrangements, or additional perks. 
  • Diversity Statement: Emphasize your commitment to diversity and inclusion, reaching out to a wider talent network. Consider making adjustments for the physical or neurodiverse needs of candidates. 

4. Ideal Candidate attributes – Nice-to-Have VS Essential Skills

  • Skills: List the technical and soft skills required to execute all job responsibilities. Align these skills with the duties and objectives listed in the position description. Differentiate between essential and desirable skills, considering some skills can be developed on the job. 
  • Competencies: Define the behaviours and competencies necessary for success in the role. Consider how the ideal candidate would interact with colleagues or clients and list the knowledge and behaviours required for the job. 
  • Qualifications: Specify any relevant professional qualifications, education, tickets, or licenses required for the role. Ensure these qualifications are realistic for the position’s level and comply with any legal requirements. 
  • Level of Experience: Clearly state the previous experience the candidate should possess. Align this with specific aspects of the position description that may or may not require proven expertise. 

5. Align Your Position Description and Person Specification 

Ensure that both the position description and person specification are aligned to make fair recruitment decisions. By having these documents sit together, you can effectively assess all prospective employees and identify the right person for your company. 

Crafting a compelling position description and person specification is crucial in finding the best talent for your organisation. Following the tips and steps outlined in this guide can attract top candidates who align with your company’s values and vision.  

At HOBAN Recruitment, we support you throughout the recruitment process and help you find the perfect fit for your team. Contact us today if you would like one of our recruitment professionals to assist in the process.

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