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RPO Case Study: Successful Recruiting 750 top-notch Candidates!  

Our client, a prominent Government regulatory agency, faced the challenge of recruiting a substantial number of candidates across Australia while ensuring strict compliance, due to the sensitive nature of the organisation’s work.  

HOBAN Recruitment was tasked with providing a comprehensive solution to address this need and helped the organisation implement innovative recruitment processes!  

HOBAN’s approach involved a three-phase strategy: 

Phase One: Needs Analysis 

  • Conducted detailed requirements gathering workshops with key stakeholders to understand the role requirements thoroughly. 
  • Developed a proposal for an efficient recruitment solution that could screen and shortlist a large number of applications, with a goal of recruiting several hundred personnel within tight timeframes. 

Phase Two: Detailed Solution Design 

  • Led by HOBAN’s Organisational Psychologist, designed a functional specification for the recruitment process, incorporating a capability-based recruitment framework, matrix design, and Assessment Centre components. 
  • Created custom resources and tools to support each stage of the recruitment process, ensuring they met the necessary timelines. 
  • Established a timeline to manage the high volume of applications at each step of the recruitment process. 

Phase Three: Facilitation and Delivery of Solution 

  • Managed the administration, candidate support, and reporting for approximately 4,500 candidates who completed online assessments. 
  • Assessed over 1,200 candidates through assessment centres on a national scale in just five weeks. 
  • Controlled candidate data from each assessment centre, including digitising and uploading information to an online system for secure storage and reporting. 
  • Provided a substantial talent pool and comprehensive reporting for each Australian state. 


The result of HOBAN’s efforts was the successful recruitment of over 750 qualified, tested, validated, and work-ready candidates into a comprehensive talent pool. Feedback from client stakeholders and candidates from all over Australia highlighted their high levels of satisfaction with their ability to demonstrate their abilities in the virtual assessment centre. 

Client Feedback 

In the words of our client: “I would like to acknowledge the outstanding work undertaken by HOBAN in transitioning to a virtual assessment centre within a short period. I had reservations due to my experience with face-to-face Assessment Centres, and I was uncertain about the virtual process’s impact. 

HOBAN demonstrated their professionalism throughout the entirety of the process which was evident in the information they provided in their training sessions.  

The exceptional standard of the HOBAN representatives continued with the support and encouragement they provided to the candidates. This placed the candidates at ease to assist in drawing out their best performance during the role-play and behavioural interview.” 

How can HOBAN Help your organisation?  

This is just one of many examples of innovative recruitment solutions HOBAN provides to our clients.  

Are you considering the benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to relieve your internal hiring team’s workload? Is there a part of your recruitment process where our support can make a difference and give your team more time to focus on key tasks? 

HOBAN’s Projects team screens over 40,000 applications each year for high-volume campaigns, so we have the experience to create efficiencies for your team.  

For more details on how we can help your organisation, please get in touch via our Projects team page: https://www.hoban.com.au/volume-recruitment/ 

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