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Writing a Resume that Opens Doors – Tips from HOBAN Recruitment

When looking for your next great opportunity, a well-crafted resume (also known as a curriculum vitae or CV) is key to opening potential opportunities. It helps to secure a job interview and positions you in a better negotiating position.

HOBAN has compiled essential tips to ensure you seize that next career opportunity. At the end, we also have a resume template if you need a starting point!

Crucial Keywords

Today, many employers utilise automated software to sort resumes. So, make sure you incorporate keywords from the job ad into your resume to match the specific criteria hiring managers are looking for. This includes job titles, duties, relevant software or equipment experience and qualifications.

If essential skills are listed in the job ad description, ensure these words are included in your resume so you don’t get overlooked.

Less is More

Unless requested, keep your resume to between one to two pages. Anymore and you will risk losing the reader with unnecessary information. You can always leave out old jobs that are not relevant to your current career.


Only include education relevant to your current career. Leave out primary school, TAFE, or unrelated short courses. Tailoring your resume to the role you are applying for enhances its impact.

Personal Information

Your age, marital status, religion, or nationality does not need to be included. All this information is now illegal for your employer to ask. Also, for security reasons, don’t include your date of birth or full address.

Tailored Cover Letter

If a cover letter is requested, ensure it aligns with the requirements outlined in the job ad. Use it as an opportunity to express your enthusiasm for the position.

Submission Instructions

Follow submission instructions meticulously. Some employers only accept Word documents, so be sure to adhere to their specified format.

Thorough Proofreading

Before submission, read your cover letter and resume aloud to catch typos and identify overused words. Also, seek input from others for a fresh perspective.

Professionalism Matters

Update outdated email addresses for a more professional impression.

If you are still using an old “fun” email address from the 2000s, now is the time to update it; firstname.i.lastname@gmail.com is a safe option. You can always set up forwarding to your old address to avoid missing any messages.

Resume Overview or Summary

Provide a concise overview or summary of your professional experience to make it easier for employers and recruiters to see your experiences. Keep it short, with one or two sentences highlighting your key achievements.

Skills Showcase

Align your skills with the employer’s requirements, tailoring them for each specific role. Ensure your skillset reflects current industry terminology.

Bullet Points for Impact

Present key skills and experiences as bullet points for easy readability. Lengthy paragraphs may lead the reader to overlook critical details.

Highlight Achievements

Go beyond listing job tasks; spotlight your achievements. Quantify successes with statements like consistently exceeding KPIs or achieving the highest sales figures for consecutive months.

Case Study Examples

Include brief case studies showcasing your success or initiatives outside the norm. Demonstrate how you’ve added value to previous roles.

Subtle Use of Colour

Consider incorporating a touch of colour to make your resume stand out. Opt for subdued shades for headings and contact details, such as darker blues or deep reds. But don’t go OTT; you must ensure it still looks professional.

Font Selection

Choose a clean, modern sans-serif font for readability. Avoid unconventional fonts to prevent formatting issues and maintain font size and style consistency.

Contact Details Visibility

Ensure your contact details are prominently displayed on each page, making it easy for recruiters to reach out.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

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Need a Starting Point?

Here is our resume template can download to get you started: https://www.hoban.com.au/app/uploads/2022/06/HOBAN-resume-template.docx

Ready to find a new role?

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