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A Distribution Centre Struggling with Hard to Fill Roles, Poor Retention of Staff and High Injury Rates

The Challenges

This extremely busy DC has a significant daily requirement for LO licensed order pickers. For some time, demand in Sydney’s western suburbs for this same qualification and skill set has been growing, and as a result the supply of candidates with these attributes is becoming more and more limited. Furthermore, the heavy manual workload of candidates placed at this site has lead to high turnover of casuals and a high injury rate in the past – predominantly back and shoulder injuries.

The Distribution Centre was consistently below efficiency, productivity and safety targets, with inducting, onboarding and training new starters becoming increasingly more costly to the business.

HOBAN were engaged to improve talent attraction and overall performance of the casual workforce on site.

HOBAN’S Solution

HOBAN employed a targeted recruitment approach whereby the entire HOBAN recruitment team spent time on site understanding the heavy nature of the role and the candidate attributes required to perform duties safely and effectively. A role profile with targeted physical capabilities was developed, and a tailored manual handling assessment was added to the HOBAN candidate screening process. HOBAN became directly involved in safety management onsite including the provision of manual handling training and team safety talks for all employees working at the DC.

The talent management strategy deployed by HOBAN is focused around attracting and developing qualified and experienced order pickers (LO Licensed). HOBAN have been working with candidates placed in picking roles who are identified as having a fantastic attitude and the aptitude to progress into an order picker position. Having solid relationships in place with Registered Training Organisations’ means HOBAN can facilitate the licensing of candidates, and now with the HOBAN Development Distribution Centre in place, there is a facility available where candidates can develop their skills in a “real world” warehousing environment. A skills analysis and development plan is in place for all placed team members at the DC to ensure they are trained and proficient in all aspects of the role within the desired time frame.

HOBAN’S Outcomes

Onsite candidate engagement and retention is at an all time high as a direct result of HOBAN’s commitment to candidate development and progression, and HOBAN have effectively responded to increased requirements of hard to fill LO roles during periods of increased demand. Strategic planning and talent mapping is in place to ensure candidates have been upskilled and trained to fulfill fluctuating client requirements, and feedback from key stakeholders has been sensational.

Productivity and the achievement of safety targets has improved dramatically, with a reduction of incidents and injuries being the direct result of placing candidates who are well suited to their roles.



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