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One Hundred Temporary Workers to Start Tomorrow, Please!

The challenge:

HOBAN was contacted late afternoon by a Department requiring 100 temporary staff for the following day. The roles were newly created, and involved face to face customer service work as part of a high profile, time critical project.  Turnaround time and the ability to mobilise quality people quickly was essential.

HOBAN’s solution:

Given the tight timeframe, HOBAN immediately created an agile project team comprising its most experienced volume recruitment experts from around the nation. Collectively the team had over 200 years’ experience servicing high-volume, fast turnaround recruitment projects. The brief for the role requirements was shared amongst the team and a methodology was locked in. The team quickly executed the strategy. Utilising a combination of their impressive personal networks and HOBAN’s vast database of work-ready personnel, the team was able to identify, qualify and gain commitment from 100 appropriately skilled candidates to start work the following day.


After mobilising the full complement of workers the following day, the client was extremely impressed. They subsequently requested that HOBAN provide a further 250 temporary workers for the same role, this time with 48 hours’ notice. These workers were team-based across a number of metropolitan locations, which added a further layer of complexity to the sourcing process. Again, the HOBAN team delivered. All 250 workers reported for duty in their designated locations, and successfully completed their required tasks to a high standard.

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