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Celebrating Four Years of Wellness

Time flies when you’re having fun. This week we celebrate our fourth year since launching our ‘Wellness Matters’ program. We’ve really enjoyed coming up with creative ways to get fit and healthy – and sharing those ideas with you. We’ve hit an exciting milestone in our fourth year and have delivered over 200 health and wellness blogs to date!

We started ‘Wellness Matters’ because we felt – just like your career – wellness is an important part of life. It impacts things such as happiness as well as a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Our health and wellness blogs are just as popular in the first year as they are now. Thanks for your continued interest and support, I guess you agree that wellness does matter.

As part of celebrating our fourth year of ‘Wellness Matters’, we asked our Melbourne team for thoughts on wellness and how it may have changed this year.

  • “For the first time in my working life, I’m spending more hours with family than my colleagues. On most days, it’s a good thing.” Sam
  • “Instead of chocolate at 3.30pm, I take my dogs for a walk for to give me a quick burst of energy.” Kelsey
  • “Cuddle breaks with my little one has been the best.” Hannah
  • “I’m getting to know my neighbourhood more and connecting with my neighbours.” Ben
  • “I’ve rediscovered my love for reading.” Kylee
  • “I appreciate the little things a lot more.” Sophie

It’s interesting to look back to see the focus shift as we’ve covered physical and mental fitness. We’ve spoken to a Dentist, Osteopath, workplace Psychologist, personal Psychologist, and a Soft-tissue Therapist as part of our Ask-An-Expert series. This year, we’ve also explored new and unexpected topics related to COVID-19 and transitioning to working from home (such as dealing with isolation). Not long after we discussed the benefits of working out together, the topic turned to how to stay social while being physically distant. This happened in the space of a month and captured the rapid change we’ve experienced this year. This year has been challenging for many which is why we felt building resilience was important to talk about.

Here’s a recap of some notable blogs over the last 12 months in case you have missed them.

We look forward to sharing more great ideas with you in the year ahead. As always, if there is anything you would love us to look into or you have any queries or feedback let us know. You can reach us at marketing@hoban.com.au

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