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Making the Most of Daylight Savings

Daylight Savings is polarising. For some, this is a divisor with our loved ones: many loving the extra-long sunny days, with others groaning about the shorter winter days and disruption of circadian rhythms. Let alone what it allegedly does to the curtains in Queensland and Western Australia…

Staring down the barrel of a clock change this weekend, we thought we’d put together a list of our favourite sunny after-work activities for your extra hour of leisure. So next time your loved one starts to complain, hit them with some of these amazing options! With adjustments for our friends in Melbourne.

Fire Up the BBQ in the Park, on the River or at Home

Get together with some family and friends and relax in the park after work. Have a semi-serious kick of the footy or play a more relaxed game of bocce or even fancy it up with some croquet! Summer salads, picnic blankets, a plastic jug of Pimm’s…enough said.

Even our Victorian mates who are still in lockdown – catching up with one other household (max 5 people of course) can be a really great thing to enjoy during our longer days.

Swing a Club

There is nothing I look forward to more about Daylight Savings than being able to swing a golf club after work. Ok, it’s not the most accessible sport – but I’m not advocating hiring a cart and playing 18 at Royal Melbourne. But what I love to do is head out to the backyard or into the park to do bit of light chipping practice. If you can, head down to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls as the sun goes down. There are some great inner-city public golf courses around that offer cheap ‘sunset specials’ too!

Knock-offs in the Sun

Our beloved rivers, bays and lakes make having an after-work drink with your work mates such a treat in the warmer months. We don’t need to tell you where to enjoy a cold one, but you sure could tell us! If you have a favourite sunny summer spot for post-work libations, let us know in the comments!

Our Victorian mates who are working from home don’t need to miss out. Check out these options for happy hour online and hi-beer-nation. Make it more fun by dialling a friend! You’ll be supporting the local economy while downing your favourite beverage.

Go for a Run, Walk or Ride

It’s no longer dark and cold most days, so why not make exercise a part of the start or end of your  work day?  Pump those tires, don the Lycra and get active! Whether you go for a run, walk or cycle, it’s a great way to enjoy the sunrise, sunset or just the increasing sunshine. The extra vitamin D will surely help reset those circadian rhythms. Just remember to mask up and keep your social distance if it’s required.

If you are able to head to an open space for a cheeky workout with a few workmates, check out some of your cities outdoor gyms. Some of these facilities are now accessible in metro Melbourne due to easing of restrictions!

Summer Markets and Alfresco Summer Meals

If you like being wined and dined in the sun, check out these great outdoor, summer markets in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra. Eat, shop, drink, listen to music, eat some more, do something creative, get involved in an activity you’ve never tried before…go on, why wouldn’t you?

Visit Victoria has come up with a great initiative to bring products and experiences from restaurants, cafes, and producers straight to your door. This includes partnerships with ProvidoorCo-lab Pantry, Victorian Country Market and lots dine at home options. With all these amazing choices, you really aren’t missing out!

Outdoor Cinema

What’s more fun than schlepping down to the park with your picnic blanket, pillows, picnic basket and pest spray to watch a movie with mates under the stars? Not much. Moonlight Cinemas and the Canberra Open Air Cinema have a great program of new and classic films every summer.

Or if you want to keep it a bit more suburban, you can relax in a folding chair while sipping cocktails in the backyard. Here’s some inspiration on how to set up an outdoor movie if you are up for a project this weekend.

Take the Plunge

Maybe not this week or next, but pretty soon we’ll be looking to strip out of our business casual and into our boardies, bikinis and budgie smugglers! Or (sorry Canberrans) jump in the car and head to your nearest beach to catch the last of the waves before the sun goes down. There is no better way to instantly shake off a tough day at the office than practicing your bodysurfing skills in the surf.

Make sure you check for the relevant measures that are in place for your state or territory when engaging in any of the suggested activities. You can review the COVID-19 restriction checker, Victoria restrictions and road map to reopening, along with information on the Australian government website.

Stay safe!

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