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Priority Personnel Pathways Program – Case Study

There are hundreds of thousands of Australians who face additional challenges to the already difficult task of finding regular, meaningful work. This cohort includes the long term unemployed, those living with disability or mental illness, Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, refugees and asylum seekers, ex-offenders and disengaged young people.

Despite being talented and genuinely motivated to work, this group can ‘slip between the cracks’ of conventional recruitment processes. They may not have the resources to produce a suitable CV, sufficient interview experience, or an understanding of how to present their strengths to a prospective employer. In addition to these challenges, some also have limited English language skills.   

One of HOBAN’s busiest offices is located in NSW’s Western Sydney region, where there is a large number of Priority Job Seekers. HOBAN’s awareness of the lived experiences of these job seekers sparked the introduction of our Priority Personnel Pathways program in early 2019.

HOBAN recognises the need to support these members of our community. We designed the Priority Personnel Pathways program to create genuine employment opportunities for those who would otherwise find it difficult to access them.

Program attendees are first provided with the skills required for a successful future. Then they are supported by HOBAN’s expert recruitment team, who match them to roles that meet their preferences. HOBAN’s account management team works with many of Australia’s largest employers to ensure a smooth transition to either an on-hire assignment or permanent position.

Since its inception, the program has expanded rapidly. Our host employers are increasing their uptake of personnel from the program, and word of mouth has contributed to significant organic growth. The program is simple, repeatable and scalable, making it an easy decision for host employers to participate. Critically, it brings meaning, fulfilment, purpose and a sense of feeling useful and valued to the lives of many bright Australians who may not otherwise have had that opportunity.

Success stories include:

  • Successful placement of long term unemployed personnel following HOBAN’s assessment of their attention to detail and induction into an environment where consistent speed and accuracy are essential.  
  • Placement of new migrants and refugees whose spoken English was very limited. Through HOBAN’s support with written instructions and on the job coaching, these employees have become vital team members in companies where reliability and the ability to meet tight deadlines is essential.
  • Cross-skilling candidates with acquired brain injuries to perform an essential role which ensures goods are sent out on time, every time.
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