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Real-life blogs written by different #HOBANites, professional wellness tips, and easy, delicious healthy recipes.

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Wellness Matters

Real-life blogs written by different #HOBANites, professional wellness tips, and easy, delicious healthy recipes.

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Learn how HOBAN have helped Australian organisations enhance their workforces through innovative recruitment solutions.

The Importance Of Communication Skills Throughout The Recruitment Journey.

In the vibrant landscape of recruitment, effective communication is a foundation for success. From the moment a job is posted to the commencement of employment and beyond, the way we communicate can deeply impact the experience and the overall outcome of the hiring process. Let’s explore some essential communication skills that can iron out some…

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Unlocking Success: Mastering Adaptability in the Recruitment Process

In today’s dynamic job market, adaptability isn’t just a skill; it’s a huge differentiator. Whether you’re navigating the recruitment process through an agency or directly with an employer, your ability to flex and flow can set you apart. Here’s why adaptability matters and some tips to ensure your follow-up stays engaging, and not annoying. Benefits…

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Continuing to Support Local Businesses

Over the past few years, it has become increasingly difficult to support our local businesses. Some might have been forced to close or reduce hours. We’ve put together some tips on how we can all support local. If we each do our part, we might be able to help some struggling businesses come out the…

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Staying Healthy During Ramadan

Ramadan starts this week, so we caught up with Clicks IT Recruitment Practice Manager, Fatema, to discuss the 30 days of fasting ahead and some of the best ways to keep healthy throughout this challenging period. Can you let us know a bit about your history with Ramadan? Being born into a Muslim family, I…

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5 Healthy Hobbies That Help Your Career

“So what do you do for fun outside of work?” It’s a pretty stock standard question that you’re likely to get in a job interview. Interviewers ask you this question because they want to know about you as a person and how you’ll fit in culturally. Your hobbies say a lot about you, and can…

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Running Tips

Running is a quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive form of exercise. It’s a great way to get outside and get fit. Benefits include improved mood and sleep, along with increased cardio health and vitamin D exposure. Running offers flexibility and suits most people. You can choose to make it a solo or social activity. You…

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Simplifying Your Next Grocery Shop – Decoding Food labels

What are Health Star Ratings? The Health Star Rating system is a labelling system designed to quickly and easily compare the nutritional value of similar products, based on a rating from a half star to five stars – the more stars, the healthier. Keep in mind, the system is designed to help compare similar products…

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Coffee, Coffee, Coffee…How Much is, Too Much?

Like many people, coffee holds a special and essential place in my morning routine. A nice warm cup of coffee is the perfect bribe to get me out of bed. While two cups per day will usually be enough for me, working from home has meant that I tend to indulge in an extra one…

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Smashing Your 2022 Goals Out of the Park!

The silver lining from 2021 is that it provided us all with the opportunity to pause and reflect on what is really important. It also allowed us to discover (or rediscover) our passions and interests. Whether it’s maintaining your healthy eating habits, investing more time for self-care, running, reading more books or resetting your career…

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