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Are You Finding it Difficult to Hire the Right Person?

Hiring managers face many challenges. One of the impacts of COVID-19 is the market for talent across many areas is very rich. While this may sound like a great problem to have, too many candidates for too few roles isn’t good for anyone. Good hiring decisions are critically important. They have a profound effect on your role, your team, culture, morale and not to mention, your organisation’s bottom line.

If you are in the position of needing to choose between two great candidates, I’ll show you how to navigate this important decision. Even if you are deciding on a single candidate’s suitability for a role, I think you will find the below helpful too.

Stress-test your requirements

Before you go to market, have a clear understanding of the capabilities (skills and abilities) required to be successful in the role. Remember, it’s not a ‘nice to have’ or ‘wish list’, it is which capabilities are truly necessary.

The team at HOBAN Recruitment can help you to define essential capabilities. Get ready to be asked ‘why’ a lot. Why do you need someone with 5 years’ experience if there is a rising star who has recently been trained? Why can’t the role be 4 days a week? Why can’t you provide additional larger monitors for someone with low vision?  When you say leadership, what specific behaviours will the candidate have demonstrated in previous roles?

Be specific about your needs and be open-minded about how they can be met. Your dream candidate may be sitting right in front of you, but not in the form you had in your head. We’d hate you to miss out on what could be an incredible partnership.

Consider the facts 

This is where a structured interview, well-crafted questions and taking good notes will ensure you get the best results. These help you to later review and compare candidates. If you can’t compare apples with apples, you won’t be able to pick the good or bad ones from the apple cart.

Be clear on what good looks like

Being prepared and clear on what pass, good and great looks like. This will help you assess and score candidates’ performance equitably. When determining what to test and assess, remember to factor in soft skills (such as working collaboratively) and attributes (such as trust and diligence) that are important to you and the role.

Don’t just compare the pair

While it is important to compare the candidates, it’s equally important to think about each prospective employee individually. What skills, experience and strengths will they bring? How does this complement you and the team?

Gut instincts

“Trust your gut” – it’s the old adage. But does it really work? Of course, none of us have ever hired the wrong person or picked a partner and then realized it’s not working out like we thought…….mmmmm

Maybe our gut instinct isn’t what we thought it was? It can be right at times, but our instincts are influenced by our own background and past experience. For example, if you interview someone and they have been to the same school as you, you have an instant connection – but that may be where it ends.

Our gut instincts can make us view someone through rose-coloured glasses. But you need to know that someone really has the skills to do the job and will fit with your team.

Evidence-based recruitment

A robust recruitment process supported by skills and personality assessments will provide you with an objective assessment of each candidate. So when you ask yourself “What do I feel when I think about each candidate?” Your feelings are supported by data. If possible, try to provide a work sample or role-play so that you can assess each candidate’s ability to do the role. Skills and personality assessments will also highlight their potential and transferrable skills. Sometimes it’s not the person with the most experience – the best performer can be the one with minimal experience but a great attitude and aptitude to pick things up fast!

And of course, it is essential that your new hire matches your organizational culture and values.

HOBAN has access to the latest systems and techniques to assess candidate fit. We can also help you put together bespoke assessments interview questions or simple online tests. Give me a call on 0400 135 014 or email me if we can be of assistance.

Lynsey Bilbe
General Manager NSW and QLD

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