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Queensland Corrective Services Custodial

Queensland Corrective Services Custodial

Queensland Corrective Services Custodial


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Custodial Officers 

About Custodial Officers

Custodial Correctional Officers (CCOs) are part of  Queensland Corrective Services staff who contribute to the safety of the community through the secure containment of prisoners, and supervision of offenders in the community. They work in stimulating, challenging and rewarding environments in some of the most modern and technologically advanced correctional centres in the world. 

Custodial Correctional Officers are at the frontline of custodial operations. CCOs play a crucial role in the rehabilitation of prisoners by using their communication skills to be an agent of change, role model and case manager. They maintain the security of a correctional centre, supervise prisoners in correctional centres or in the courts, write reports, interact with other professional staff, and may interact with police, solicitors, contractors, and the public

Custodial Officer - Trades

Custodial Officer

Trade Instructors (TIs) work in a stimulating, challenging and rewarding environment. QCS has some of the most modern and technologically advanced correctional centres in the world. They need all the positive attributes that a Custodial Correctional Officer has but also require trade-related experience.  As a Trade Instructor you will teach and train prisoners in a range of education programs to assist in the development of work skills and behaviours to complement the prisoner's reintegration into the community. 

We are currently recruiting for a number of roles at Woodford Correctional Centre:

  • Custodial Correctional Officers
  • Custodial Correctional Officers (Trades Instructor) – Spray Painter
  • Custodial Correctional Officers (Trades Instructor) – Metal Worker
  • Custodial Correctional Officers (Trades Instructor) – Caterer


We are accepting applications on an on-going basis for:

Custodial Correctional Officers (various locations - see map below)

  • Custodial Correctional Officers (Trade Instructors) various trades, dependant upon location including caterers and landscapers.
  • Custodial Correctional Officers (Activities Officers) 


Position Descriptions:

Download: CCO_Position_Description.pdf

Download: Activities_Officer_Position_Description.pdf

Download: Trades_Instructor_Caterer_Position_Description.pdf

Download: Trades_Instructor_Industries_Position_Description.pdf

Download: Trades_Instructor_Landscaper_Position_Description.pdf

So what does it take to work in Custodial Corrections?


Custodial staff come from many walks of life. No matter what they have done before, the most important thing is the skills and characteristics they share:

  • Trustworthiness - they act with honesty and integrity to protect the safety of their community
  • Resilience – they work well under pressure and can handle stressful situations and conflict
  • Teamwork – collaborating with others to achieve organisational goals
  • Professionalism – following directions and procedures and role modelling positive behaviour
  • Communication and interpersonal skills – they relate well to others and have strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Decision making  - using their judgement to make timely and effective decisions

Read more about the requirements here: Do you have what it takes?

Further Information

Queensland Government website 

Custodial Operations Booklet 

Role of a Custodial Officer 

The first 12 months


Escort_and_Security_Branch_- _Courts_Officer.pdf



Prison Locations

(click on the map below to enlarge)

Click here for large image of prison locations

What are the benefits of the role?

With QCS's forward planned rosters and a variety of shift patterns, dependent on the location of the role, you have more time to spend away from work - to do the things you never had time to do before!

Some of the benefits include:

  • The opportunity to really make a difference to your community
  • Work Life Balance
  • Leave loading
  • Uniforms and meals provided
  • Dynamic, high profile department
  • Family friendly working conditions
  • Career progression opportunities
  • Diverse and rewarding work environment
  • Career opportunities: 200+ different jobs @ QCS
  • Professional development, acting in supervisory roles
  • Highly regarded superannuation scheme
  • Opportunities to take up secondments across Justice or other government agencies

Benefits of working for QCS



No_Smoking.png    Please note: As of May 5th 2014, all Corrective Service Facilities are tobacco and smoke-free.



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